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The Santos Pavilion is one of only two beach Pavilions still left in use today from Colonial times, the other is the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. It is considered one of Mossel Bays’ must see historical buildings and earned a spot on the Mossel Bay Historical Walk Tour.

One of the towns’ local architects travelled to Brighton to get ideas for the Santos Pavilion which was then built in 1916 by WJR Swart. During the 1920’s and 1930’s, the pavilion was used as a social meeting place for the local community who would gather here regularly to listen to the bands play and to exchange news and gossip while they socialize with friends and family. In 1925, the then Prince of Wales visited the Pavilion during his stay in South Africa.

Unfortunately in 1979, due to a tragic fire destroyed the roof and woodwork of the building and the remains were due to be demolished. Instead, a private company took the building over and restored it to its former glory. In 1986 they were granted a thirty years lease on the building